October 31, 2008

Project: Virtual Architect

From time to time I'll present on this blog a few of the programs/projects I've worked on since I got into IT&C as well as other stuff I'll consider somewhat interesting :)). 

First off is Virtual Architect, a light-weight modeling program and the very first "big project" I ever worked on. And that was very rewarding work as the project was submitted in the 2004 edition of Infomatrix and won the 1st Gold Medal in the programming section. Here is an old description of the application and some snapshots.
Virtual Architect was designed to be an easy to use modeling program that would enable any user to create plans for various buildings with the help of a 2D drawing board and to preview these buildings in a 3D environment.
Thus, the drawing board will be used in the actual development of the architectural project (the placement, resizing and movement of walls, ceilings, stairs, doors, windows and furniture) but, at any stage of development for a given project, the user can preview the design using the 3D rendering engine. The 3D engine incorporates simple features like: collision detection and response, gravity movement, basic lighting and skybox concept.
I developed this application back in 2004, over the course of 4 months, with the help of my colleague and friend Andrei Niciu. He worked on the main platform of the program and I designed the 3D rendering engine employed in the program.

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