June 14, 2009

Mini-project: DCrypt

DCrypt is a small program I wrote for my network security class. It features 2 encryption ciphers and the DES algorithm. It was written in Delphi and allows for text to hexadecimal encryption and hexadecimal to text decryption.
The first cipher I included in DCrypt is the Viginere cipher. You can find out detailed information about this encryption method here. In this implementation, the cipher can process full ASCII text but only encodes the letters (A-Z). It also converts small letters to capital letters.
The second cipher I implemented is the Bifid cipher. In the current implementation this cipher can only process text containing: A-Z letters and a few special characters. It too converts small letters to capital leters.
Finally, the DES implementation encodes full ASCII text using 64 bit blocks and a 64 bit key and does not perform any conversions on the text. The code for this part of the application is largely based on a Delphi unit written by Francoise PIETTE.
You cand download a fully working version of the application (source code included) by clicking here or from the Downloads box (DCrypt.zip). Here are two screenshots:

Application platform: WinNT


Noran Azmy said...

Can't believe it took me so long to come across your blog! I did something like that for a security course back home, but I don't think it was as neat =D

Ciprian said...

Not neat at all :)) ... quite a rather sloppy project done in a hurry for school :D