March 24, 2010

Paper: On Sensor Data Simulation - SYNASC 2009

I spent most of my time at the e-Austria Research Institute in Timi┼čoara, Romania working with a team that was involved in the European FP7 Research Project DEHEMS. My main task was to design and implement a robust sensor simulation system. I worked on this task with my colleague, Ciprian Craciun, who's insight into the matter at hand and experience helped tremendously.
The resulting simulation system (coded in Java) was fully described in a paper prepared for the SYNASC 2009 conference. Here is the abstract of the paper:
In the context of the DEHEMS project, aiming to analyze real time sensor readings related with the energy performance of individual hoseholds, the research and development stages of various modules have underlined the need of a fast and scalable means for generating large amounts of high quality sensor data. This paper introduces a multi-purpose sensor simulation system (DS3 ) that successfully meets all the data generation requirements imposed by DEHEMS . Primarily designed as an internal tool for testing and tuning the storage and data analysis engines, DS3 will act also as a support platform for a number of end-user orientated applications.
You can download a preliminary version of the paper by clicking here or from my Downloads box (On Sensor Data Simulation - SYNASC 2009.pdf). The same preliminary draft of the document can be previewed at the bottom of this post. The original publication is available at the IEEE Xplore website.

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