December 19, 2008

My Bachelor's Thesis

I've finally got around to converting my Bachelor's Thesis to .PDF and uploading it. Unfortunately, it is entirely in Romanian. As I've previously stated its main focus is to describe a hybrid lightweight task scheduling algorithm based on metaheuristics like local search, tabu search and simulated annealing (an adaptation of the proposed algorithm for the university course timetabling problem is also described). My research for this paperwas coordinated by Prof. Dr. Dana Petcu. Here is the abstract:
This paper presents a general purpose hybrid timetabling algorithm based on metaheuristics and describes an implementation which is specifically aimed at solving the university course timetabling problem.
The first chapter presents some introductory information regarding the problem at hand, the current state of knowledge and briefly describes the timetabling method we propose. The second chapter describes with great detail the local search techniques we rely on and the base algorithm our method was inspired by: the CBRS algorithm. This part of the paper also contains the detailed description of our timetabling algorithm, justifications regarding the need of a multi-threading approach and of a thread trimming mechanism, together with a pseudo-code representation.
The third chapter describes the implementation of the algorithm in a Borland Delphi component and the last section of this paper presents some test results obtained by a timetabling application that incorporates our Delphi component and the final conclusions regarding the effectiveness of both the general timetabling method we have proposed and of its implementation.
You can download the paper by clicking here or from my Downloads box (Zavoianu Ciprian - Lucrare de diploma.pdf). If you have any questions regarding it, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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