February 1, 2009

Mini-Project: Shutdown Timer

Lately I got used to falling asleep while watching TV on my laptop and as my TV-tuner software is quite primitive and doesn't have the option to shutdown the computer after a predefined period of time, I started to search the web for a simple shutdown timer application. I didn't want a fancy application with a lot of options just a basic program that will enable me to select a period of time after which the system would shutdown and that, if needed, could cancel the shutdown command.
As the first two applications found by Google that met my over demanding request were not free I decided to write my own program. I remembered a nice and useful piece of code I once stumbled upon on Torry's Delphi Pages that enables a process to aquire privileges on WinNT platforms. I used it to aquire the 'SeShutdownPrivilege' and after that, the rest of the program was done in no more than 15 minutes.
You cand download a fully working version of Shutdown Timer (source code included) by clicking here or from the Downloads box (ShutdownTimer.zip). Ohh ... and here is a screenshot of my latest mesmerizing achievement in the field of computer software:

Application platform: WinNT

Edit: Application now supports one command line parameter: a numeric value indicating the number of minutes till shutdown. 


Noran Azmy said...

Ciprian, this was exactly what I needed.. Thanks =)

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Can I also use it in a script with a parameter for the time, so I do not have to click at the start button?

Regards, Hein de Vries

Ciprian said...

Not yet sadly ... but I hope to have this implemented in the next couple of days :D

Ciprian said...

Done :) ... application now supports a numeric parameter indicating the number of minutes till system shutdown.